1956 The Subway Sun 10" x 7" Reproduction Metal Sign


Brief History of this 1956 Poster:

The IND Rockaway Line is a rapid transit line of the IND Division of the New York City Subway, operating in Queens. It branches from the IND Fulton Street Line at Rockaway Boulevard, extending over the Jamaica Bay, into the Rockaways.

On June 28, 1956, service on the line began between Euclid Avenue and Rockaway Park at 6:38 PM and between Euclid Avenue and Wavecrest at 6:48 PM. This is a reproduction of the original Subway Sun Poster announcing the opening of the line. 

Brief History of The Subway Sun:

The Interborough Rapid Transit Company, also known as IRT, opened in 1904 in New York City. In 1916, IRT hired Ivy Ledbetter Lee, a leading public relations specialist and member of the Princeton Class of 1898, to promote the company over its new competitor, the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Company (BMT). Central to the advertising campaign were two series of posters called The Subway Sun and The Elevated Express, which appeared concurrently. The posters implemented Ivy Lee’s innovative advertising philosophy to educate and inform by communicating directly with passengers, and to present facts and statistics instead of rhetoric.

From the 1940s to the 1960s. Frederick G. Cooper was the cartoonist behind the series, and in 1946 his protégée Amelia Opdyke Jones or “Oppy” took over and continued to design them for the next 20 years.


- Measures 10" x 7"

-  Image is baked into a powder coating for a durable and lasting finish

-  Simulated rusted edges, scratches and faded paint.

-  UV protected heavy duty aluminum, resists fading and the elements.

-  Mounting holes

- Made in the USA

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