VICE TV / NOISEY / LIVE FROM THE STREETS   Malik B of The Roots rocking an Art of Storytelling x Animal Bikes shirt.
    12OZPROPHET.COM      ART OF STORYTELLING DVD REVIEW    "What can I say about this video that isn’t already said while you watch it? It’s one of my personal favorites. “The Art of Story Telling” was a video compilation released on DVD a few years ago, sometime around 2005. It’s features some pretty damn good writers from the Jersey, Philly, Pittsburg, NY and that whole North East region of the states. I was just a wee little lad and it turned me on to some heavy shit, highway spots, alternative sounds and metal and East coast styles I had never seen. I watched it on repeat until DVD players went out of style and for that reason I have to highlight one of my favorite scenes from this movie; the Chip7 Montage. What is this guy’s deal? Where in the fuck did he learn to paint? It’s like he’s never heard of anything but stock caps"
   BOOKSHELFBOMBSHELLS.COM       " Reading this book was a lesson in subverting my own expectations and challenging my own prejudices—not as in “I’m prejudiced against blah because of bladiblah” so much as “I hadn’t stopped to think about the way an artist can use graffiti to tell a story.” And that’s the tip of the iceberg. The Art of Storytelling operates on a number of levels, and experiencing it demands a great deal of the reader’s focus."
  GRAFFITIDVDREVIEWS.BLOGSPOT.COM       "This was quite a tricky DVD to track down at first as there is very little info available on the net, I had heard rumours about it being the best graf film ever made and went on the hunt, it is a bit special, at 1hr and 30 mins it's the longest film Ive seen so far and it never gets boring..."
  GRAFFITIARTSUPPLIES.COM       From the guys who brought you Terror in the Burbs, you wouldn't know it. A much better video, my personal favorite graffiti video, had so much dope illegal action footage with day time bombing, heavens, freights, walls, and anything else a serious writer would want to see in a graff video. Also had so many dope writers and not just shots of their pieces but actually watching them in the act. You CANT get bored watching this and you will want to watch it again and again. Toward the end there was a guest appearance by ZEPHYR for a tribute to the late NACE as well. It had a dope soundtrack throughout, I want a sequel!
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